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Autumn Tomato Salad

For my entry, I decided to share this nice salad with greenish tomatoes. They are only in season for a short period of time and I kind of see them as a little treasure whenever I have them home :)

Autumn Tomato Salad

500 g greenish tomatoes (smaller in size)
4 eggs
1 bundle of fresh parsley leaves
1 tsp capers
about 100 g bread, without the crust, diced
olive oil
a pinch of powdered garlic
sea salt

Put eggs in a pot with cold water and cook. From the moment water boils, cook for 8 minutes. Transfer the eggs into a bowls with cold water and let cool completely. When they’re cooled, remove the shell and slice.

Puree parsley with capers and about 5 tablespoons of olive oil (or more if needed). Generously pour olive oil over bread dices, sprinkle with some garlic powder, and fry a bit.

Slice the tomatoes, and line them on plates with egg slices. Toss bread over and some capers, season with parsley sauce and salt.

Recipe adapted from Sale & Pepe, Serbian issue for July/August 2008.