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Cauliflower Cream with Sausage and Green Pepper

Cauliflower Cream with Sausage and Green Pepper

(recipe is from Sale & Pepe magazine, Serbian issue for December 2009)

1 small cauliflower
4 Tbsp grated Pecorino cheese
20 g butter
2 green bell peppers
150 g fresh, thin sausage
dry white wine
125 g mozzarella cheese
olive oil

Divide cauliflower into smaller pieces and cook until soft. Add a few tablespoons milk into the water when you boil cauliflower to preserve it’s color. When done, strain and puree in a blender. Heat puree in a pot with 100 ml milk. Add Pecorino, salt, pepper and diced butter. Whisk until smooth.

Cut bell peppers into strips. Fry them for a few minutes on a splash of olive oil, cover and let cook until they soften. Season and remove from the pan. Add chopped sausages into the same pan and fry. Pour 100 ml wine over and wait until it evaporates. Return the peppers into the pan.

Fill ramekins with puree, top with peppers, sausage and chopped mozzarella. Bake for a few minutes (just until mozzarella melts) in a preheated oven on 180°/350°F.

Note: I am sending this to Weekend Herb Blogging. Host is Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen.