Mama’s Chicken Stew

Mama's Chicken Stew

Mama’s chicken stew is a bit different than what we usually make around here. Light, with less fat, but still full of colors and flavors. She did use to make it in a classic way, but over the years, her cooking has become more and more light, and there was less and less roux and fat. This recipe has no ambition to substitute the classic one. Nor to say that it’s better this way. Simply, I wanna offer something slightly different to those who need or want to eat lighter.

Mama’s Chicken Stew

9 large potatoes (about 1,5-2 kg)
8 chicken thighs
1 bay leaf
Vegeta seasoning
2-3 large onions
3 tomatoes
1 head garlic
fresh celeriac leaves
fresh parsley leaves
black pepper

Cook thighs with bay leaf and a few teaspoons Vegeta. Reserve the broth from that cooking and remove the skin from the meat.

Measure the volume of the liquid that meat was cooked in, pour into the pot, add enough water so that the overall amount of liquid is about 1,2 liters and put to boil. When it boils add sliced potatoes and if there’s needed, enough water so all the potatoes are covered. When potatoes are half way done, add onions cut into quarters, tomatoes cut into quarters, whole head of garlic and celeriac leaves. Do not peel the tomatoes at this moment, but when it’s done. This is how they’ll keep better and more compact shape and look nicer in the plate.

When potatoes are cooked add meat and finely chopped parsley. Let boil once again.

Before you serve the meal, separate garlic cloves from the head, but do not peel them. Leave them whole so that everyone can do that for themselves. It’s very nice on a piece of bread.


If you can’t find Vegeta use salt and pepper instead. It will be equally good :)


  1. It’s a beautiful recipe, thank you for sharing it :) I was looking for a lighter chicken stew recipe, I’ll try this out tomorrow. I don’t use Vegeta at all, but any organic stock cube does the same job :)

  2. Puno boja i mirisa, doduse ni mi nismo ovakvo spremali, ali svi poznati sastojci su tu, taman da okrepi i fino ugreje.:))

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