Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

A few years ago I would have never even thought of eating something like this. Fruit is sweet and has no business inside a savory dish. I was so wrong.

Strawberry, Caramelized Pear & Blue Cheese Salad

Peel and core a half of one Williams pear. Slice it relatively thin and coat in 1 Tbsp sugar and 1 tsp dark Muscovado sugar. Caramelise on 1,5 Tbsp olive oil on low heat, until pears get soft. Take a handful of arugula leaves and a couple of lemon balm leaves and put on a serving plate. Toss over 2 sliced strawberries, caramelized pear slices and pieces of soft blue cheese of your choice (I used Bergader Bavaria blu). Season with ground black pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Note: This is my entry to Weekend Herb Blogging event, hosted this week by Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen.


  1. ja sam jos uvijek u tom djiru da mi nema sto voce traziti u salati :)) ali ovo izgleda jako privlacno

  2. Oh yes, how I love the combination of sweet and savory ingredients. This looks like a wonderful salad.

  3. I put fruit in my salads all the time:-) I think it's a nice pairing with salads and this is a great example of such

  4. Dok nisam probala salatu sa kruškama,sirom i rikulom, tvrdila sam i ja da voće nema šta tražiti u slanim salatama. Sad već znam da takve kombinacije mogu biti izvrsne. Izgleda stvarno svježe i sočno!

  5. This salad looks fantastic! Thanks for contributing to WHB- the round up is now posted.

  6. Isto sam i ja mislila do nedavno. A mog dragog muža ne bih mogla ni natjerati probati tako nešto. Prekrasna osvježavajuća salata.

  7. Mmm, vkuzna! I love rucola, with cheese and grilled fruits! Haven´t tried pears yet, though!

  8. I posted an entry on my own blog that linked back to this recipe and offered a wine pairing suggestions. I said:Salads with sweet ingredients can be a wonderful meal or meal starter, especially with the tart flavors in the blue cheese to counterbalance the sweet. We often use this mechanism with the Strawberry wine at wine tastings. My recomended pairing for this salad would be a medium dry Riesling. The wine should not be too sweet as I would expect it will overpower the delicate sweetness in the salad; a little bit will join up with the salad quite well. A drier Riesling will work, but it might oppose the salad too much so I would be careful to select from a region that is known for a bit of residual sweetness, like the Columbia Valley in WA. For this reason I would not recomend Sauvignon Blanc which is typically dry, but I would for a salad with more vegetables and some herbs in the dressing.at some of the e-mail responses I got several friends are definitely going to try to salad, and maybe the wine suggestion. Thank you for posting.Jason

  9. Yum! I love putting fruit in my salads but for some reason I have never thought of using caramelized fruit. I will definitely give this a try. Thanks!

  10. Uopšte ne mogu da zamislim ukus salate. Ja sam od onih kojima na samu pomisao ne idu zajedno voćno-povrćne kombinacije, tako da i ne pravim tako nešto. Ali priznajem da ovo na tvojoj slici deluje fantastično.

  11. Strawberries and blue cheese are just a match made in heaven. What a delicious salad!

  12. Looks very delicious, refreshing and healthy!!Sawadee from Bangkok,Kris

  13. This looks gorgeous and I have always been a fan of sweet things in my savoury salads… :)

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