Torte Egyptian

Torte Egyptian

Torte Egyptian
(original recipe)


2 egg whites
2 Tbsp sugar
1/2 Tbsp flour
40 g ground hazelnuts

Beat egg whites, add sugar and beat more. Gradually, fold in sifted flour and hazelnuts. Bake in a greased 20 cm diameter spring form pan in a preheated oven on 170°C for about 25 minutes.

You will need 3 biscuits like this for the whole cake.

Yellow filling

10 egg yolks
10 Tbsp sugar
5 1/2 Tbsp flour
2 bags vanillin sugar (20 g)
340 ml milk
170 g butter

Cook egg yolks, sugar, flour, vanilla sugar and milk on low heat until very thick stirring continuously. Beat butter and add cooled yolk cream. Beat until incorporated.

Torte Egyptian

Crunchy filling

140 g whipped cream powder
200 g + 4 Tbsp sugar
200 ml milk
120 g toasted hazelnuts, chopped

Whip the cream powder with the milk. Melt sugar like for the praline. Pour it on a baking paper, spread thin. Work quickly! When it’s completely cooled, separate it from the paper and crush with a rolling pin. Do not powder as it will give this layer it’s crunchiness along with the nuts. Fold chopped nuts and caramel into the whipped cream.

Assembling: Place one biscuit on a serving plate, spread yellow filling, then crunchy one and repeat for the two remaining biscuits. You’ll have some yellow filling leftovers. Spread it over the sides of the cake.


  1. Moracu da probam ovu tortu. Vrlo mi je slicna nase torte sa orasima. Mora da je interesantna sa caramelom. Hvala!

  2. Your torte is so beautifully eye catching! As soon as I saw the picture on tastespotting I had to click through. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  3. @Mallory, Lauren – It is not Egyptian recipe, it’s just called that way. I am not sure why, though.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Do you think I could use almonds or walnuts instead of hazelnuts?

  5. I have never used vanillin sugar. How much sugar or icing sugar would you recommend I use instead?

  6. @Dragon – Yes, definitely. In the original recipe Gaga suggested walnuts.@redforever – To substitute 1 bag vanillin sugar mix 10 g white granulated sugar with a few drops of pure vanilla extract.

  7. This looks delicious! I’m a little curious as to why it’s called Egyptian – maybe some resemblance to the bricks used to build the Pyramids? I know you said you didn’t know. Anyway, this looks marvelous!

  8. That is SO my kind of dessert! I love creamyness with crispyness. That is just beautiful!

  9. OMG! I would so sabotage my diet for a nice big piece of this cake! How great, never heard of this one, must try! Beautiful photos!

  10. I’m not a big baker but this torte looks so fantastic I may just have to fire up the oven and give it a try.

  11. This looks great and sound special and different, but you haven’t said anything about the taste. Did you like it? Will you make it again?

  12. @Nurit – Yes, I will definitely make it again! It is one of the best I’ve tasted!

  13. Your torte looks heavenly. Love the various textures! Your photos are outstanding too!~ingrid

  14. Marija,ja vam se divim.Ne znam da li sam ikad vidjela ljepsu tortu.Kad bi joj ukus bio i upola kao izgleda,ja bih bila presretna.Par stvari mi nije jasno.U kore ide 3×2 belanjka.U kremu 10 jaja.U originalnom Luninom receptu nije tako.Molim vas da mi kazete koliko ide jaja…ili jos bolje kada bi na nasem jeziku objavili recept.Sve pohvaleUnaprijed vam hvala

  15. I jos jedno pitanje…moze li u kaplupu za torte od 26cm.Ne vjerujem da mogu naci tako mali od 20 cm.Pozdrav

  16. Ja sam tortu pravila po Lunjinom receptu. Koru sam svaku pravila sa po 2 belanceta zato sto znam iz prakse da je toliko dovoljno za mali kalup (20 cm). Krema sam pravila vise zato sto ga volim a i htela sam da mi ostane za mazanje torte sa strane. Recept ovde na mom blogu je identican Lunjinom, jedino sto je srazmerno umanjen jer mi nije trebala torta nego torica :) Ukupno sam upotrebila 10 jaja od kojih je ostalo 4 belanceta koja sam iskoristila da napravim rolat od maka. Sto se tice velikog pleha od 26 cm, zaista ne znam, ja bih probala sa 3 ili 4 belanceta.

  17. Marija, this looks so good. Beautiful photo too. All your cakes are look fantastic!

  18. This sounds wonderful! I really like the filling with all the egg yolks. The color is great!

  19. I made it!!! I’m enjoying a piece right now! It is delicious, I love the crunch, the recipe is great!!!

  20. Fantastic! I’m making it tonight… lolJust a quick question, is the biscut recipe above ment for a single biscut layer or intended to be divided in three?

  21. Hi Beti, it’s for a single biscuit layer.Let me know how you liked the cake :)

  22. I will be happy to share :) However, based on ingredients, I’m sure I will love it! I’m a big fan of praline but not so much of hazelnut, so I’m going to substitute with a pecan/almond blend.Btw… since I have you here maybe you can help me. One of my grand aunts used to spoil me rotten when I was a little girl and lived in Vrsac. On cold winter months she would occasionally serve me breakfast in bed (while teasing me that I was a soft Cali girl). She made this fried pastery served with shipak jam (it was a cross between an american pancacke and palachinke) I have been wracking my brain to try and remember what its called so I cant try and do a search for the recipe?Any ideas? (think it started with a “k” and I remeber it to be heavy with egg, slightly sweet and a little crispy on the out side and soft on the in but it wasnt so thick as to not be able to be rolled with jam.)Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  23. Beti, I am not sure, but I do have an idea. Send me your email to palachinkablog [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send you a recipe.

  24. ok… addy is on the way and I cant wait to see what you come up with!btw… the cake was a bit messy because I only had one packet of shlag, so I made some some whipped cream and it was a little too fluffy and by the time I set the 3rd layer it kept wanting to slide off. So I stuck oiled some foil around some chop sticks and stuck it in the fridge and have threatened death and worse to anyone that messes with it until after dinner tonight. keeping fingers crossed that it works. But based on the bowl licking that was done oh my goodness… I may just have cake for dinner lolthanks again for this great recipe!

  25. Well, after using supreme self control in not touching the cake for 24 hrs I finally sat down with a piece last night and I have to say that after all the trouble, it was totally worth it! The vanilla filling was supreme and it will forever the recipe I will use for anything involving vanilla filling… lol (no more pre packaged stuff for us) For the crunchy layer, though it made the layering a bit difficult it was totally worth it! I added a few drops of almond extract to the whipped cream and I added some butter and vanilla to the praline so all those flavors came together… well delicious is just not a big enough word! lol The only thing I was dissapointed with was the biscut. It came out thin and sticky, not firm and “cakey” which is what I expect in a biscut but I belive that has to do with the fact that I live in a high altitude area (6000 ft above sea level) so I’ll need to play with the ingedients some to get some lift to the layers.But if you’re reading this recipe and thinking that its too much trouble… let me just say its totally worth it!Thanks again Marija, my family wanted me to thank you and so you know, they have book marked your blog as well! Its their desert menu lol The next thing they’ve decided they want me to make is the hearts with vanilla and slatko. I’ll let you know how it goes!Oi, between yours and Melikas blog, I’m going to need a personal trainer lol

  26. Ovo izgleda predivno i mora da je ukusno… a mene zanima koje kolace bi mogkla speci za goste iz Amerike(Amerikance) koji bi ih odusevili ??? kazu krempite a dalje??? Hvala

  27. Thank you for the recipe – one of the best torte i’ve eaten :)Love your site!

  28. Hi Marija,that looks great!!I wanted to make this torte and started with the praline.the suger didn't melt evenly and start burning.can you tell me what i did wrong? i want to try againthanks alottamar

  29. @תמר – Hi! Melting sugar can cause troubles :) Here is explained good how to do it. Hope this helps :)

  30. Actually, I don't know :) And it definitely won't be the same taste because you whip it with a lot lesser milk than usual and that makes a stronger taste. But, I guess you can whip about 500 ml of heavy cream. I hope that will be enough.

  31. Just made this cake (and ate a piece)… AMAZING Love it. Made the Milk Cake a while ago now the Torte Egyptian.. on the blog looking for the next reciepe.THANK YOU MARIJA!!!

  32. Minka, you are amazing! Thank you! And glad you enjoyed the cake :)ps: I will go to my parents home tommorow and will send you the recipe :)

  33. First of all I would like to say that all of your recipes sound and look awesome.I made this "Torte Egyptian" for my daughter's 1st birthday and it was a hit. The only thing I changed was the the brittle. I tried making it twice but every time the sugar would burn. So instead I used a bag of toffee bits and it turned out great. I live now in Brazil and they don't have toffee bits, so I would like to ask you to explain how exactly to make the caramel brittle. I just can't do it.Thank you

  34. Hi,To make a brittle, take a large, heavy-bottomed pan and pour sugar in it. Melt it on low heat, slowly, and as soon as it melt pour the hot caramel onto the baking paper and continue with the recipe. Just work carefuly as it can burn you realy bad.Hope this helps :)

  35. Nakon sto sam iscitala sve komentare, isprintala recept i tips&tricks jos uvijek imam jedno pitanje. Planiram tortu raditi u petak, a jede se u subotu za rucak. Hoce li se caramel istopiti/izgnjecaviti ako stoji dan…hm…u frizideru…valjda nece…sta mislis? Uopce nemam iskustva sa pravljenjem ikakve torte dan ranije…

  36. That was the best vanilla filling I’ve ever had. Tomorrow I will have a taste of this torte, I hope it’s as good as the filling!

  37. Could you use a different type of nut? I really can stand a hazel nuts? It looks so good and would love to try it.

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