Baked Feta Pumpkin

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Baked Feta Pumpkin

about 800 g cleaned and peeled pumpkin, cut into thin wedges
ground black pepper
powdered coriander seeds
dried coriander leaves
about 150 g feta cheese
about 3 Tbsp butter

Dry pumpkin wedges with a paper towel. Line oven pan with baking paper and place pumpkin wedges on it. Season with salt, pepper and coriander seeds. Squash cheese with a fork and evenly distribute over the wedges. Toss tiny butter cubes over the cheese and sprinkle with coriander leaves. Bake in a preheated oven on 180°C for about 15-20 minutes or until pumpkin is soft.

Baked Feta Pumpkin

Note: Ovo je moja ulaznica za ajme koliko nas je!, koju je osnovala Monsoon. Domaćica je Gaga, a tema bundeva.

  • pegasuslegend
    November 1, 2009

    I was wondering what to do with all my sugar pumpkin, will give this a try love feta thanks :)

  • Dominique
    November 1, 2009

    I've to try this recipe! all what I love, pumpkin and feta… thank you!

  • poppyseed
    November 1, 2009

    That's different and looks so good and pretty. Do you think it would work with winter squash–I have some of that and some feta? I might try it today.

  • Marija
    November 1, 2009

    @poppyseed – I don't know. This is the only pumpkin I use for baking. I like it like that and don't change :)

  • kathyveags
    November 1, 2009

    Looks delicious! I might give this a try for Thangsgiving. Thanks for the idea!

  • Snooky doodle
    November 1, 2009

    interesting recipe. I love feta but never tried it with pumpkin :)

  • CaptnRachel aka Tha Pizza Cutta
    November 1, 2009

    Mmmmm! I want to sink my teeth into one of these right now. Sheer pumpkin genius :)

  • Christine aka Mistress of Cakes
    November 1, 2009

    I swear your food is are…I would feel bad to eat it if it didn't look so darn delish!

  • Jessica
    November 1, 2009

    Feta and pumpkin sounds like a great pairing!

  • Tina
    November 1, 2009

    Nice clicks and baked pumpkin looks delicious….

  • Vera
    November 2, 2009

    Super fotkice,neobična kombinacija!

  • Sweet Corner
    November 2, 2009

    jako volim bundevu, pogotovo pecenu i moram priznati da ju ovako nikad nisam probala, znaam da bi mi se svidjela:)

  • Sophie
    November 2, 2009

    What a lovely pumpkin dish, colourful too,…MMMMMMMMMMMMM,…

  • Tasty Eats At Home
    November 2, 2009

    Looks lovely! I like the idea of feta and pumpkin, kinda a tangy-salty mixed with the sweetness of the pumpkin. yum!

  • Experimental Culinary Pursuits
    November 3, 2009

    Love the combination of feta cheese with this!

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