Mushroom Stuffed Squids

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300 g button mushrooms900 g cleaned squids1 large onion, sliced3 cloves garlic3 Tbsp bread crumbs2 Tbsp flour2 Tbsp tomato puree2 Tbsp white whine1 bundle fresh parsley leaves, finely choppedVegeta seasoningground black pepperoil for fryingsome flour for coating stuffed squids Heat some oil in a pan and fry slices of onion and pressed garlic on it. Add finely chopped squid tentacles,…

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Chicken Breast Roll

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600 g chicken breasts in one piece (without skin and bones)200 g fresh sausage (casing removed)20 g dried porcini mushrooms20 g dried chanterelle mushrooms40 g toasted hazelnutsa little dried thyme and rosemary1 clove garlic, pressed250 ml beerolive oilsaltground black pepper Soak mushrooms in warm water for about 15 minutes, strain, squeeze out the water and chop. Heat some oil in…

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Baked Feta Pumpkin

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about 800 g cleaned and peeled pumpkin, cut into thin wedgessaltground black pepperpowdered coriander seedsdried coriander leavesabout 150 g feta cheeseabout 3 Tbsp butter Dry pumpkin wedges with a paper towel. Line oven pan with baking paper and place pumpkin wedges on it. Season with salt, pepper and coriander seeds. Squash cheese with a fork and evenly distribute over the…

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