Mini Burgers

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Mini Burgers

Mini Burgers

If I had to choose the ultimate party food it would definitely be this recipe. I make them mini burgers for birthdays, New Year parties, anytime I get a chance to… Kids love them and grownups love them. Especially the grownups. You should see their faces when they see them :-D Come to think about it, these mini burgers were the best thing that ever came to my mind to prepare. read more

Eton Mess and How a Photo was Made

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Eton Mess

A few years ago, I saw this dress at a friend’s who has a house near my country house. The dress was her aunt’s, from the ’60-’70 :) Right at that moment it hit me – Eton Mess! So I managed to persuade her to lend it to me, I’ll return it soon, and took it and neatly folded it into the drawer. I remembered the dress from time to time, but always when strawberries were out of season :-P

And then we started to prepare the material for July/August 2012. issue of Mezze magazine. Ana and I loaded ourselves with props and stuff and off on the bus we went to my country house for one of our, at that time regular, photo sessions :) read more