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Banana and Chocolate Jam

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Banana and Chocolate Jam

My jam is banana jam. With chocolate. Perfect with pancakes and crepes. You’re gonna love it, I’m sure :-D In Belgrade, one of the most beloved crepe filling is Nutella-banana-cookies and this jam is like 2/3 of it already. All you need to do is crumble some cookies on top of it. Might even try it on a slice of toast for breakfast or as a snack 8) The amount this recipe is small, just enough for you to try it out and see if you’re OK with the amounts of sugar and chocolate. And the most important thing, you can make it all year round.

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Eton Mess and How a Photo was Made

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Eton Mess

A few years ago, I saw this dress at a friend’s who has a house near my country house. The dress was her aunt’s, from the ’60-’70 :) Right at that moment it hit me – Eton Mess! So I managed to persuade her to lend it to me, I’ll return it soon, and took it and neatly folded it into the drawer. I remembered the dress from time to time, but always when strawberries were out of season :-P

And then we started to prepare the material for July/August 2012. issue of Mezze magazine. Ana and I loaded ourselves with props and stuff and off on the bus we went to my country house for one of our, at that time regular, photo sessions :) read more