Forever Young

Rose Pudding, Olde Hansa

We are sitting in Olde Hansa restaurant in Tallinn. After more than bountiful medieval feast a dessert arrives – Rose pudding savoury, Velvet Delight of the Nobility. Waiter, dressed as a page, carefully puts a ceramic plate on the table.

– And what is this?
– Rose petals, Sir.
– And I should eat it?
– Yes. Legend says that the one who eats it stays forever young and beautiful.

A promise of eternal youth? Damn right I’m gonna eat it. I’m gonna eat the leaves and the thorns if it says so :-P I start chewing a petal sprinkled with brown sugar. I chew it, and it chews me. I am not sure I like it. Then, I taste the pudding itself. Smooth, creamy, velvety, fluffy, flavored with rose water, not too sweet. A dessert truly worthy of a nobility. I promise myself I will come back for more.

– This is so delicious Mateja!
– Bah.

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