Choco-Coco Kiflice

Choco-Coco Kiflice

Choco-Coco Kiflice
(original recipe)


Pour 250 ml milk in a 500 ml cup. Add 2 Tbsp sugar and one bag of instant dry yeast (I used Dr. Oetker’s Yeast Levure which weights 7 g). Cover and let rest in a warm place until it doubles it’s volume.


Mix 3 eggs with a mixer. Add 250 ml oil little by little and mix more. Add starter. Pour this in a measuring cup, measure it’s volume, and divide into two equal parts that you place in separate bowls. In the first bowl add 4 Tbsp cocoa powder and enough flour to knead medium thick dough. Add 150 g of dessicated coconut into the second bowl, and again, enough flour to knead dough of medium thickness. For the whole amount, you will need a little less than 1 kg of flour. Let both doughs rest covered with a cloth a little.

Divide both white and brown doughs into 4 balls of equal sizes (measure the weight and divide by four). Take one brown ball, flatten it with a rolling pin into about 3-4 mm thin circle, than flatten one white dough ball and place it on top of a brown circle. Gently roll one more time over so they can stick to each other. Divide the circle into 12 equal parts. Take each part, flatten with a rolling pin (into 3-4 mm thickness again, as you placed white over brown dough and it’s a bit too thick now). It’s almost a triangle, so roll it starting from the smallest side towards the opposite point. Repeat for the rest of the dough.

Choco-Coco Kiflice

You can also spread a little Nutella before you roll. See this post for another way of folding kiflice with a filling. Try to make that circle as perfect as you can as this will reflect on the final looks of it. If you want it absolutely perfect, cut out a circle of the maximum size that can fit into the flattened dough area out of a baking paper, place it on top of the dough and cut.

Bake in a preheated oven on 180°C for about 15-20 minutes.

Soaking syrup

Boil 500 g sugar, 2 bags vanillin sugar and 500 ml water. Continue to cook until it thickens a bit, just like for baklava. Let cool.

When kiflices are baked, poke a few holes on the bottom of each with a tooth pick and soak them in syrup. The holes will allow them to soak more syrup.


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much for sharing this fantastic recipe.

  2. Kako ovo fora izgleda, inače mi je ovojedna od omiljenih kombinacija čokolada i kokos. Sad mi je prevruče da bi išta kuhala ali kad zahladi ću svakako isprobati. :)

  3. So adorable, so shiny… Sounds like too much work for (lazy) me, but results is really worth of it.Just one clarification, please. When you were folding kiflice – you did it oposite way than how kiflice are usualy fold, starting from (let's say) top of triangle and going to its base? I am not sure I understood this part well.

  4. Ovo je jedan od mojih omiljenih slatkisa, obzirom da sam Bosanka, volim sve kolace sa serbetom…Predivne su i fotografije, ali kako si ih ovako strucno umotala….svaka cast…:).Vanylica

  5. This looks divine! I've never seen something like this before – I've got to try it!

  6. Thanks, now I read instuctions once again, and of course they are fold as usual…Bas sam i ja bistra, kako bi se videli ovi slojevi da se mota "kontra"? Ma bitno da ja vezbam engleski, a sto lupetam, nema veze :)))

  7. Wow, this looks amazing. It's like nothing I've ever eaten or seen before!

  8. These look sooo beautiful Marija! So Beautiful. ive never seen anything like it. Tq for sharing n ur fotos are stunning as ususal.

  9. This looks so good! I am saving the recipe hoping to make it one day. Thank you!!

  10. Iam so glad i came across your blog becuase it has all the receipies for sweets i remember from my childhood and more. As always your receipies are devine and very easy to follow…i kako sekoj pat super za jadenje

  11. Dang. Why do I even try to go on food blogs in the morning when I know Im' going to be ravenous and posts like these just make me miserable (drooling, and my eyes are pleased, but my tummy protests!). But I gotta say… I still do it every time. LOVE this. Looks amazing.~Jeanne

  12. Super kiflice! This is the first time that I see kiflice in syrup, they are looking sooo good! I will bake them on the week-end. Greetings from Bulgaria!

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