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Grappa Cherry Preserve

Grappa Cherry Preserve

(recipe adapted from Sale & Pepe magazine, Serbian issue for July/August 2007)

500 g cherries (with stems)
cinnamon stick, cut lengthwise into a couple of pieces
150 ml water
150 g sugar
300 ml Grappa (Itallian, grape based brandy very similar to rakija)

Wash the cherries. Dry carefully with a kitchen towel. Cut the stems using scissors so that the piece that remains is about 1 cm long. Put them into the jars.

Peel the lemon thin using potato peeler. Try to peel it as thin as possible, you only need the yellow part. Put lemon peel, a few cloves and a piece of cinnamon into jars with the cherries.

Put water and sugar into a pot. As soon as sugar melts, remove the pot from the stove, wait for a few minutes and stir in Grappa. Pour this over cherries.

Keep in a dark, cold place and wait for a few months before opening it.

Note: This is my entry for Weekend Herb Blogging. This week’s host is Winnie from Healthy Green Kitchen.