Rustic Buckwheat and Pear Cake

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Rustic Buckwheat and Pear Cake

Rustic Buckwheat and Pear Cake

(recipe is from Sale & Pepe magazine, Serbian issue for November 2010)

2 Williams pears
100 g flour
120 g dark buckwheat flour
100 g butter, on room temperature
1 bag vanillin sugar
1 Tbsp baking powder
3 eggs
120 g sugar
1,5 Tbsp Port
1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
1,5 Tbsp apricot marmalade
a pinch of salt
grated zest of 1 lemon

Sift regular flour with baking powder. Add vanillin sugar and salt. In a separate bowl mix butter with sugar until fluffy. Add 1 tablespoon of previously sifted flour and 1 egg and mix until incorporated. Repeat for the remaining 2 eggs. Add the remaining flour, buckwheat flour, lemon zest, 2 Tbsp Port and mix. Pour batter into 20 cm (8 inch) diameter spring form pan lined with baking paper.

Peel and core pears. Cut into thin slices and press them onto the batter (thin side up). Mix marmalade with lemon juice and the remaining Port and brush over the top of cake. Bake in a preheated oven on 180°C/350°F for 45 minutes.

Rustic Buckwheat and Pear Cake

Note: This is my entry for Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted this week by Paulchen’s Foodblog.

  • Rosa
    May 5, 2011

    A wonderful cake! Buckwheat has a lovely flavor.



  • Lynda @ TasteFood
    May 5, 2011

    I love the use of buckwheat in this recipe. It sounds wonderful.

  • Maja
    May 5, 2011

    Originalno!! Sviđa mi se i recept i slike, ne znam šta je bolje :)

  • Lenna
    May 5, 2011

    I love everything buckwheat. The cake sounds and looks delicious!

  • Andrea
    May 6, 2011

    Ajme predivno ovo zvuči. Ja se nikako ne mogu naviknuti na heljdu, ali u ovoj kombinaciji bi mogla i pasati.
    Fotke su predivne i baš zovu na degustaciju. :)

  • KnjiskiMoljac
    May 6, 2011

    Odlicno! Jako mi se svidja recept a i fotke

  • Joy
    May 6, 2011

    That looks wonderful.

  • sarah
    May 6, 2011

    Gorgeous photos and ah-mazing recipe. Can’t wait to try this!!

  • Tamara
    May 8, 2011

    Fantastičan kolač, baš volim ovakve rustikalne!

  • Tiffany
    May 8, 2011

    I’ve been trying to use more buckwheat flour! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  • Deana
    May 9, 2011

    Ovo mnogo lepo izgleda. Ja sam za vikend napravila palačinke s heljdinim brašnom, pa ih onda filovala šumskim pečurkama i zapekla u rerni. Moj muž je zaključio da po ukusu liče na krvavicu (?!) Dakle, definitivno rustikalno :)

  • Magic of Spice
    May 21, 2011

    What a delightful recipe, love the rustic look of this :)

  • Marta
    November 26, 2011

    Great recipe and fantastic pictures.

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