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Bread Crumbs

My grandmother used to make homemade breadcrumbs. I remembered her going around the yard, checking if the bread is dried, grandfather assembling the nuts grinder… They let me turn the handle and I hear the cracking sound of dried bread grinding…

Last few years I’ve been making them too. I know they are very cheap in supermarkets, but homemade is homemade.

Bread Crumbs, preparation

I like to take mixture of white and brown bread. Dice and sun-dry them. Of course, you don’t need to sun-dry them, instead, you can dry them somewhere indoors or even inside the oven on 50°C/120°F.

Bread Crumbs, preparation

Dried dices of bread should be ground using a nuts grinder. You can make the crumbs in a blender, but I still prefer to use my grandmother’s vintage machines :)

Bread Crumbs, preparation

Nice? :)

Note: I am sending this to Susan for the Yeastspotting.