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Sour Cherry Phyllo Pie

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Sour Cherry Phyllo Pie

There is something about a cherry pie. And where I come from, it’s a phyllo pie, and sour cherries are used. When picking time comes, and when they lay cozy in their crates, it’s time to pit them and prepare for the freezer. But each time, my family steals an amount to make a fresh sour cherry phyllo pie. To eat while rest from pitting cherries, with our fingers and clothes stained with the juices. read more

Bread Crumbs

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My grandmother used to make homemade breadcrumbs. I remembered her going around the yard, checking if the bread is dried, grandfather assembling the nuts grinder… They let me turn the handle and I hear the cracking sound of dried bread grinding… Last few years I’ve been making them too. I know they are very cheap in supermarkets, but homemade is…

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