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Red Pine Mushroom Fry

dinner side dish 8 Comments

I found these mushrooms on a farmers market a few weeks ago. Never saw or tasted them before and for me that meant buying They tuned out pretty well. After all they are called Lactarius deliciosus Meaty, not so mushroomy taste. They went very well with the leeks and chestnuts. As the seller explained, they are not to be found…

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Potato and Beer "Burgers"

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Potato and Beer “Burgers” 500 g potatoes beer flour salt black pepper nutmeg oil for frying Grate potatoes. Add beer and flour in the amounts that will make batter that is able to be shaped into burgers. Add seasonongs to your taste. Shape the burgers, dip each into flour and fry on heated oil on both sides. Enjoy with favorite…

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Oven Fries

side dish snack vegan 18 Comments

Oven Fries about 500 g potatoes about 500 g combination of carrots, celery root, parsley root, beetroot (or only carrots) sunflower oil spices of your choice* Wash and peel the vegetables. Cut them like french fries as equal as possible. I used V-Slicer, but it can be done without it, only you’ll need a little bit more time. If using…

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