Good Morning Bread

Good Morning Bread

Good Morning Bread

(original recipe)

100 g butter, on room temperature
12 g oat bran
100 ml water
100 g flax seeds
145 g sunflower seeds
55 g dessicated coconut
125 g almonds
4 eggs
1 tsp sea salt
a pinch of cinnamon

Blend almonds, flax seeds and 120 g sunflower seeds in a food processor or blender. Soak bran in water for about 5 minutes. Combine all the ingredients (except the remaining sunflower seeds) well. Then, add the remaining sunflower seeds.

Line oven pan with baking paper and pour batter in the middle. Using wet hands shape bread into disc 20 cm in diameter. Bake in a preheated oven for 45 minutes on 170°C.

Let cool before you cut the bread. Can be stored for a couple of days in the fridge.

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  • Lubna Karim March 1, 2011 12:43 am

    Wow…that’s a healthy and yum bread to kick start the day….

  • Tadeja March 1, 2011 1:46 am

    Za kruh znam da je odličan iako poslovično kasnim s objavom. Fotografija me dojmila. Odlično ideja i realizacija!

  • Jelena March 1, 2011 2:04 am

    Fenomenalna fotka! Fenomenalna! Mogla bi na stranicu Turističke organizacije Srbije.

  • Dilajla March 1, 2011 3:31 am

    Originalna i prava a kruh lijep i u tvojem izdanju.

  • KnjiskiMoljac March 1, 2011 5:57 am

    Odlicna fotografija! Hleb provereno dobar..

  • Tamara March 1, 2011 9:25 am

    kruhu se divim po vašim blogovima cijeli dan, odličan je, a ova tvoja fotka je fenomenalna :)

  • Mihaela March 1, 2011 3:51 pm

    Evo i mene da se divim fotografiji :)))

  • Kate @ March 1, 2011 3:59 pm

    That photo is beautiful – I love the etno effect

  • Sara March 1, 2011 5:38 pm

    This looks interesting. Bread without flour? I love the photo, by the way–it’s like an interesting twist on embroidered table linens to have that in the background.

  • Lana March 2, 2011 2:22 am

    Ja ne znam šta bih pre, hleb ili lanenu košulju:) Interesantan recept i prelepa fotografija.

  • Peggy March 2, 2011 3:40 am

    This bread sounds awesome! Definitely will have to give it a try!

  • Rochelle (Acquired Taste) March 2, 2011 5:23 am

    This looks so hearty and healthy, I imagine it would be great with a soup or with a salad as well as for breakfast :)

  • briarrose March 2, 2011 8:11 am

    What a great bread. I love the mix of seeds and coconuts.

  • Taci March 2, 2011 8:46 am

    Odlican je hlebic, a fotografija je genijalna!

  • Joy March 2, 2011 2:06 pm

    That looks wonderful.

  • Explora Cuisine March 4, 2011 4:29 pm

    Wow, this recipe sounds very interesting!

  • Ellie March 20, 2011 4:23 pm

    I tried this recipe and LOVED it…thank you SO much for the inspiration!

    • marija March 21, 2011 3:59 am

      Great! I am so happy you enjoyed the recipe!

  • Rene May 29, 2013 7:52 pm

    it would be nice if the recipe were in cups and tablespoons and such. It has been very difficult to convert

    • Marija May 29, 2013 8:09 pm

      It’s something I’m thinking about doing for a very long time. Very time consuming project though. I promise to convert this recipe these days :)

  • Rene May 29, 2013 8:32 pm

    I’m still wondering why you changed the amounts so much from the original. Rene

    • Marija May 29, 2013 9:06 pm

      Actually, not that much…

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