Homemade Bounty Candy Bar

Homemade Bounty

Today, I have a special guest. She is beautiful, sweet, very talented… Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Vanylica! She is one of my favorite photographers and I am so honored to have her sharing one of the greatest recipes I’ve ever seen for this month’s edition of SHF.

Enough of me now… On to the recipe you’ll be making very soon ;)

Homemade Bounty

Otvoren NavodnikI believe Marija has already explained how I got here and what am I doing. So, without me talking too much, I just want to thank Marija for the hospitality. I am not sure I will be as good hostess as she is, but I hope you’ll forgive me :)

Copycat, you know what’s it about. When Marija wrote that here we copy all kinds of candies, she gave me a good laugh. I can tell you one thing, she’s right. Years in isolation, division into Eastern and Western markets, taught us to revive famous flavors…

My favorite flavor is the taste of coconut and chocoalte. You don’t have to guess twice… It’s the Bounty candy bar…

Homemade Bounty

Here is what you’ll need to make them at home:
(Original recipe)

100 ml heavy cream
300 g sugar
250 g heavy cream flavored margarine (you can substitute it with regular margarine)
250 g dessicated coconut
150 g dark chocolate
2 Tbsp oil (for chocolate)

Believe it or not, that is all :) So, what do you have to do? Well, not much.

Homemade Bounty, preparation

Dice margarine. Put cream, sugar and margarine in a pot and heat everything until it boils. Let it boil for another 5 minutes.

Homemade Bounty, preparation

Remove from heat and stir in coconut.

Homemade Bounty, preparation

Line rectangular baking pan with a baking paper and pour the mass inside. Leave in the fridge overnight.

Homemade Bounty, preparation

The next day, turn it out onto a cutting board and remove the paper.

Homemade Bounty, preparation

Cut it into cubes (as I usually do it) or into shape of a rectangular cuboid (which is the original shape of a Bounty candy bar).

Homemade Bounty, cut

Cover each cube with melted chocolate, let them harden, and then it’s all done. You can eat!

At the end of our short hang out, I would like to send you my regards, hope you like the recipe and will give it a try.

I’ll leave you now, as I know you already miss Marija.

Oh, and, don’t eat them all at once :)

Bye! Zatvoren Navodnik

Homemade Bounty


  1. Marija, what a great idea!!! Vanylica – Welcome! Your post is great, and candies look better than store bought, and of course I know they taste better too!Yes, if there is one good thing for all those tough times, we definitely put our creativity to work, and nothing stopped us from enjoying famous sweets, even when they were not available on the shelves! :)Definitely love the recipe, and hope you’ll post again!

  2. Woow! što drugo reći osim toga! pratim vanyilicu odavno na coolinarici, obadvije ste lijepe,mlade,pametne i jako, jako talentirane:)))

  3. naravno da ništa ne razumem što piše..ali zato dobro vidim :)ovo je fenomenalno!!! kokos desert, pored kesten deserta, moje omiljene kupovne poslastice :)a fotografije su baš profi, svaka čast!

  4. These chocolates are so pretty, perfect and really tempting! Divine, mmmhhh…cheers,Rosa

  5. marija – i love bounty and these are so perfect. little bites of coconut heaven. hugs to you for this recipe!

  6. Vanylica- So great to “meet” you… the photography is wonderful… they look delicious!

  7. Pronasla sam ovaj vanylicin recept na coolinarici i isprobala ga.Koristila sam mlijecni maragarin i stavila 200g kokosa.Ispalo je bolje nego original.Samo da pitam Vas Marija ili Vanylicu, pri stavljanju glazure kako vam se ne vidi cime vadite minjone.Meni ostane ili otisak viljuske ili u gorem slucaju prsta:(Sta da radim?Azra

  8. vanylice, dobro nam došla!! ne moram ti posebno naglašavati koliko colim i cijenim tvoj rad, znaš to i sama :) ove čokoladicei izgledaju božanstveno, bolje od kupovnih, a fotke su fantastične! :)

  9. Those candies are amazingly beautiful – I wish I had a few here to eat for breakfast!!

  10. Predivno!! Oduševile ste me!! Prave ste cure, obje predivne osobe. Lijepo bi bilo da i Vanylica napravi svoj blog jer bi to bio raj za oči, predivni recepti, a isto tako i slike :)Pusa za obje :)

  11. Wow they look delicious and I love how straightforward the recipe is. Going to give this one a try for sure.

  12. ne mogu skloniti oci sa ove lepote… slike su skroz naskroz fantasticne i nemam reci… bravo za obe :)

  13. yummy these look delicious . i love bounty I ll be trying these for sure. must be better than the real bounty bars :)

  14. These are beautiful! Very much like a Mounds bar, and I love Almond Joys so I bet these are as delicious!

  15. These chocolates look like they came from a candy factory! They are all perfect! Your photography is professional as well. Thanks, Marija, for introducing us to Vanylica.

  16. I am sure I dont have to tell you how stunning these look! What amazing photos!Thanks for sharing!

  17. Da mi je sad samo jedna kockica…Znam,znam moraću da se strpim do 07.03. :DLjubac za vas dve :))

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! i love bounty, but living in sweden means it is not so available to me as when i used to live in australia, now i can make it myself! thank you :o) really appreciate it

  19. This looks like the mounds candy bar that we have in the U.S. I may have to makes these for christmas this year.

  20. Valynica, nice to see you on one of my favorite blogs:) thank you for the wonderful recipe. I love bounty bars a lot. They take me back to Azerbaijan where I couldn’t stop eating them when they first hit out stores:)I have a question. Once you dip them in chocolate, what do you do to get those stripes you have on the picture? I am assuming, you drizzle some chocolate on top of chocolate layer using a stick or a fork, or maybe there is a trick you know? Thanks for sharing!

  21. Marija these bars look fantastic!!!I love your bolg Great ideas, perfect presentation beautiful pictures :)

  22. Gorgeous work and stunning photography, thank you so much for sharing!

  23. I tried them yesterday, and the family (and friends! and me myself!) looooved it. genius! my father (a real bounty-lover) said the consistence was a little bit different, but still awesome.

  24. oh and by the way, i love your website. i am amazed by a lot of things you make and plan to make some of your recipes soon… as soon as the exams are over.

  25. Hi,Those bars look amazing.What is the size of the baking pan, you put them in after cooking them?

  26. @Tal – Sorry, but I don't know. This was a guest post. I'll email Vanylica and ask for the size of a pan, and then will email you. Hope you don't mind waiting.

  27. Marija, youre website is wonderful, everything I need while trying to write papers for Uni. I have a beginers question: I've done the Bounty bars, which came out amazing, but I couldnt find a way to dip them in the chocolate without leaving finger prints on the sides. any advice?Thank you

  28. @Meirav – Don't worry about that :) You should have seen me working with melted chocolate a couple of first times :) Just place a bar on a fork and gently dip it into chocolate. You'll get better and better each time.

  29. I want to make these as soon as possible, but just had three questions. 1) Can I use butter? Or does it have to be margarine? 2) Is the coconut sweetened? Or unsweetened? 3) What kind of sugar was used? Granulated? Icing? THANKS!

  30. Hi there :)1) I am not so sure about butter. Margarine is harder, I'm afraid it you use butter it won't be fine.2) Coconut is unsweetened.3) Sugar is granulated.Hope you liked them!

  31. Hi, I'm Vietnamese, I made bounty candy yeterday (it's my favorite candy ever), so delicious!!!! In Vietnam I dont have enoungh ingredient, so I used milk, butter, sugar (less than you), delicated coconut, some ingredient different from your recipe but the candy is very very delicious, cool, awesome! Thank you very much, and this is my candy, let's see and don't laugh at me, it maybe ungly but very yummy ^_^ hihihihttp://img207.imageshack.us/img207/5907/bounty4.jpg

  32. Thanks for sharing with us the beautiful Candy recipe.I'll definitely try this as soon as I finish my baby's lunch

  33. Oh my! Bounty is my fav. store-bought candy! And I bet it's a million time better than any store-boght candies! Really thank you for the share! :)

  34. Hi Marija,Here's my very first ever attempt of bounty chocolate barhttp://i583.photobucket.com/albums/ss276/bety2009/keo.jpg?t=1257372781I used shred coconut instead of desiccated coconut like yours. But it still turned out very good textureThanks

  35. Thanks MarijaThanks for your recipe sharing. I really love this site, love the food style and your kindness as well

  36. Hi MarijaThat looks like a delicious recipe! I'm planning on trying making these Bounty cubes, only substituting margarine with butter. I'll let you know how it goes when (or if) I try it.Just a quick question. How large was the rectangular baking pan you poured the coconut filling into? I would like the finished candies to come out the same size as yours (not too tall or to too small in height), so it would be good to know this.Thanks! :)

  37. Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing recipe! I just made these "Bounty" candy bars, and they are delicious, even better than the original!!! I am so grateful to you for sharing your recipe. The pictures you have posted are wonderful! You are amazingly talented. Thank you! Solveig

  38. @Rune – I don't know about the size of a pan as Vanylica made them as a guest post on this blog, I only ate them :) They are about 2 cm side cubes. Hope this helps.@Solveig – Thank you! I am glad you liked them.

  39. Hello again!I just finished covering my batch with chocolate (took me three tries to get them all covered, and learning how to temper the cocolate properly).I made the coconut filling with whole milk and butter instead of cream and margarine. It turned out fine, although the sugar in the mixture caramelized a bit because it took so long for the water in the milk and butter to evaporate (5 hours in a pot, plus 2 hours in the oven when I found out it wasn't dry after all).But it all turned out well, and I'm not complaining about the caramel-taste. Tastes wonderful!Here's a picture of the finished chocolates:http://storeimg.com/show.php/3601_chokolade.jpg.htmlThey're not quite as professional-looking as the ones in your pictures, but it takes some time to learn I guess :). In the picture are some original Bounty bars as well, where I have removed the chocolate and covered the coconut filling with my favourite 72% chocolate.Although I think there was too much moisture in the air when I covered these (and the two smaller pieces directly above the Bounty's), as you can see they're sort of matte in appearance. So now I know to air out the room well, before I chocolate cover :).The rest turned out really well. Nice and shiny. And delicious!Cheers!/Rune

  40. sunt delicioase am poftit serios la ele…as vrea si eu sa gust macar 1,of

  41. Love bounty bars and miss them since moving over seas. Can you use fresh coconut? if so would I need to adjust the recipe? I live in the Cook Islands and we have heaps of fresh coconut here and would rather utilise these instead of buying dessicated coconut.
    Many thanks

    • Yes, you can definitely use freshly grated coconut! And I think it would be even better.

  42. Can anybody give me the in volume instead of mass. I don’t have a kitchen scale?

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