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Here is another Serbian classic dessert. It is made with various filings, but my favorite was always chocolate.


250 g powdered sugar
250 g butter
200 g dark chocolate
8 egg yolks
1 package tort wafers(5 thin wafer sheets 37 x 27 cm)

Cook sugar, chocolate and yolks in a double boiler, stirring continuously just until it’s homogeneous and thick. Leave it to cool, but not completely.

With an electric mixer, beat butter, and then beat in chocolate mix.

Divide the mass into four parts. Take one wafer sheet, spread 1/4 of cream and repeat 3 more times. Place remaining wafer sheet on top.

Wrap everything tight in cling film, then in large piece of paper, and place in fridge. Press it with some kind of weight that is not too heavy (some book or a plastic cutting board).

It would be ideally to leave it in fridge for 24 hours, but overnight will be fine.

I like to cut mine as cubes. Traditionally, they are cut in a non-square rhombus shape as a Slavic people symbol of fertility.