Missing Review and a Thought on Monopoly

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In our effort to write honest and realistic reviews of Belgrade restaurants, me and my friend Ana visited another Belgrade restaurant – Cantina de Frida. But, during our meal, we were harshly and rude asked to stop taking photos because there is only one photographer who is allowed to take photos inside this restaurant, so unfortunately, we are not able…

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Gallo Nero

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I am proud that finally, I am able to present you a Belgrade restaurant worth recommending. Following up are my impressions, and what Ana, my partner in crime thought you can read here. Colorful plates, polka dots, vintage furniture, figurines… Combination of a simple concept of the owner and head chef Alessandro Daví, relaxed atmosphere and amazing interior in a…

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Walter is a combiantion of regular and fast food restaurant and it serves Bosnian barbecue. Besides traditional Bosnian decorations, the place is filled with photos from an old and very popular partizan movie Valter brani Sarajevo. That’s why the name – Walter. A catchy, unique and very effective combination. To talk about Bosnian food without mentioning Turkish would be just…

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As I promised a while ago, in the post about Lorenzo & Kakalamba restaurant, reviews about Belgrade restaurants continue. From now on, I join my friend Ana from Prstohvat soli in a new sections on our blogs concerning this subject. The idea was born out of lack of Belgrade restaurant reviews. True, there are some in various magazines, web sites…

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