Gallo Nero

Gallo Nero, menu

I am proud that finally, I am able to present you a Belgrade restaurant worth recommending. Following up are my impressions, and what Ana, my partner in crime thought you can read here.

Colorful plates, polka dots, vintage furniture, figurines… Combination of a simple concept of the owner and head chef Alessandro Daví, relaxed atmosphere and amazing interior in a shubby chic style created by Remake duo will leave you breathless.

Gallo Nero, interior

Osteria Gallo Nero is a place to eat simple, traditional pasta, prepared honestly, straight from the heart.

Gallo Nero, menu

The menu has only a few fixed dishes and the rest are prepared each day differently, depending on the mood of the chef. And please, do check out the lovely menu with the post-its :)

Gallo Nero, antipasto

The first dish we had was Antipasto della casa. Prosciutto, anchovies, dried tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, arugula and bruschetta, and everything served with balsamic reduction. The most beautiful antipasto plate I’ve ever seen!

Gallo Nero, antipasto

You either love or hate anchovies. I just love them so this was perfect. Bruschetta was prepared on a perfectly round slices of bread, with cheese, olives and capers. One portion serves two and if you’re not too hungry, this, with a few more bruschetta, will be enough.

The interesting part is the price – 5,5 euro. A bargain for a plate like this in Belgrade.

Gallo Nero, interior

Whole pasta is freshly made for the day. And you can tell the difference.

Pasta pollo, noci e broccoli

The first one we had was Pasta pollo, noci e broccoli – chicken, cream, walnuts, broccoli and Parmesan cheese. Light, mild and huge portion.

Pasta pollo, noci e broccoli

Gallo Nero often has dishes on discount. The day we went, all the pasta was about 3,8 euro (regular price of this dish is 5,5 euro). Not much places in Belgrade worth mentioning that can compete with those prices.

Gallo Nero, napkins

One of the things that thrilled me, and what I read in one of the interviews Alesandro gave was the care when selecting the ingredients. When they asked him why there’s no cannoli on the menu, he said there’s no good ricotta in Serbia. Imagine if all the cooks chose the ingredients this way :)

Maiale piccante con peperoni

The next pasta was Maiale piccante con peperoni – tomatoes, pork shoulder, wine, peperoncini, red and yellow bell pepper, onion, carrots and Parmesan cheese. A plate full of color and taste that compliments the interior. It was hot just as much as needed and again it was a huge potion.

Maiale piccante con peperoni

Some might think arugula everywhere, but I found it nice.

Regular price of this dish is 6,5 euro.

Pann caffe

We only had one dessert as we were already full bu the time for it. Pann caffe is a variation to the tiramisu theme, with ladyfingers soaked in coffee, yellow cream made with yolks and whipped cream.

Gallo Nero, interior

After all those beautifully presented dishes this seemed a little poor, but as far as the taste it was perfect. Not a great fan of sweet things, I found this light dessert very good. Price is 2,8 euro.

Pann caffe

Final impression: This is a place to come back often. Personally, I am very difficult when it comes to eating out. Most of the time I go away disappointed. Thinking I could have made it better at home and feel sorry for the money spent. I always complain – on food, interior and service. Here everything is different. Everything is perfect. And it seems to me that whatever I write, the picture I painted for you isn’t worth what this place offers. I think the best thing to say is if you ever come to Belgrade, come to the Black Rooster and you will not be disappointed :)

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Osteria Gallo Nero
Kneginje Ljubice 26
Belgrade, Serbia


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  • Priscilla M January 30, 2012 9:50 am

    What a lovely place! I love the decor! And the food looks amazing as well!

  • Tracy @ Daily Deal Blog February 2, 2012 3:03 am

    Love your photography. Always a delight to visit your blog.

  • Milica February 6, 2012 2:00 pm

    Nadam se da ce mi kuca jednog dana ovako izgledati…zato sumanuto i kupujem REMAKE! Divan post i divan blog!

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