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Oko Resto, Eel

Only a very few recognize food as the high adventure it really is. The excitement of discovery of a rare spice in a shop. The adrenalin rush while alive, moving scorpion on a stick is about to be deep-fried and served. An everlasting dilemma about the contents of that dish you had.

Are you one of those people? Is food an adventure and discovery to you? Our Growing Edge is all about that. About achieving a food related challenge that you have meaning to do (or redo). This month I will be your host and I can’t wait to see all of your new food discoveries.


Anyone can join, as long as your post complies with the rules. Just to be sure, see all the details about the event on the event’s founder Genie lovely site Bunny. Eats. Design.

Then, add your links via the InLinkz widget at the bottom of this post.

As for me, I’m gonna share one of my food adventures.

Estonian Winter

Kaberneeme marina

It was a beautiful last winter in Estonia. And I finally got the chance to meet Liina, whom I already new for years through her blog davahtaresidence. What foodies do when they meet is eat, so upon her suggestion we went out of town to Oko Resto in Kaberneeme.

Estonian Winter

It’s about 30 minutes bu a car, but the trip is definitely worth it. Little fishing village was lovely even all frozen and covered in ice. You could see how beautiful sitting on the restaurant’s terrace would be in the summer. I do hope I’ll make it there again on the good weather.

Estonian Winter

Estonian Winter

Oko Resto

Remember how I once said that Estonian food is bland and bad? Well, as the time passes it is turning out to be quite the opposite. What we had at Oko Resto was beyond being different and creative. It was also fabulously delicious. I highly recommend this place.

Oko Resto, Herring

I’m gonna start with the herring lamprey. Surprise, surprise, kind-of-raw-gelatinous-fish was delicious! :)

Oko Resto, Baltic Herring & Ravioli

Baltic herring & ravioli Рonion marmalade, burned butter, cheese-fennel raviolis. Æbleskivers in a way. Very nice.

Oko Resto, Rye Bread

Very interesting plating :) Lots of fresh dill, bread, potato inside salt shell and eel (closeup on the first photo of the post).

Oko Resto, Rye Bread

Oko Resto, Sigars

Now this maybe looks like a cigar, but is actually meat wrapped in wine leaves, with edible ash.

Oko Resto, Oko Pot

Very chocolate cake with ice cream, raw cocoa and some Lego fruit jellies :-D

Oko Resto, Ant Hill

And the star of our meal – ant hill! A cheesecake ball with berry sauce, covered in cocoa. It does resemble the ant hill and the branches are edible and delicious. It’s deep-fried parsley dipped in cocoa. Very delicate and fragile. At the bottom of the hill, raw cocoa and rock candy scattered around.

Oko Resto, Ant Hill

And the ants! Big, deep-fried ants, glued to the bowl with some cream cheese. They were surprisingly tasty. And crunchy :-P

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  • Genie August 7, 2013 6:40 am

    Beautiful plating! Is Estonia cuisine seafood based or was it just this particular restaurant? The plating is divine (the lego jelly the cutest!) and you can tell the chef takes a lot of pride in making dining an experience rather that just nourishment. Thanks for sharing and than you for hosting this month!

    The eel looks lovely and delicate. I’ve never seen it prepared that way. Here in New Zealand eel is smoked 90% of the time but I do wonder what it would taste like without the heavy, salty smoke. Is it similar to trout?

    • Marija August 23, 2013 12:50 pm

      I am tempted to say that it is seafood based, but it actually isn’t :) They eat lots of pork also, sauerkraut, blood sausages, offal, potatoes and root vegetables in general. I am still learning about it and it keeps surprising me everyday.

      About eel… Not like a trout, it more resembled fresh water fish taste, but can’t think of anything to compare.

  • Paul August 8, 2013 8:21 am

    quite honestly? your blog is amazing. I was looking for a place to leave you a message but couldn’t find one at your home page, so I will leave one here! Incredible composition and use of props, and your writing and recipes are wonderful. I’m still learning, and I want to get better at it, little by little I hope. Anyways, thanks for hosting this month’s our growing edge. Nice to meet you!

    • Marija August 23, 2013 12:51 pm

      Thank you Paul!

  • Audrey September 7, 2013 1:43 am

    Lego fruit jellies! How cool!

  • Janet Rorschach September 8, 2013 7:38 pm

    Fantastic. I am so glad you were part of “Our Growing Edge”. I got introduced to you as well as so many other great bloggers. LOVE YOUR PHOTOS. You inspire me. Thank you!

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