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Bake Fest #23 - Roundup

Bake Fest #23 – Roundup

Bake Fest, an event fonded by Vardhini is all about baking and broiling. And in September, I was lucky to be the host of the #32 round of this amazing event. You’ve been busy bees and we’ve collected an incredible number of 33 entries! WOW! And thank you :* Now let’s see them all
Our Growing Edge, August 2013 Roundup

Our Growing Edge, August 2013 Roundup

Our Growing Edge is all about adventure, experiment and new experiences with food. In August we’ve been busy and made an incredible number of 20! posts. 20 stories and 20 new experieces. Thank you guys for all the exciting entries! Let see them now
Bake Fest - Event Announcement

Bake Fest – Event Announcement

Hello my friends! I here with the announcement for the famous Bake Fest! This month, thanks to Vardhini from Cooks Joy I will be your host I bake a lot. Daily. Love that sweet anticipation while there’s something in the oven waiting to be done, peeking through the oven door What about you? What is...
Our Growing Egde / Oko Resto

Our Growing Egde / Oko Resto

Only a very few recognize food as the high adventure it really is. The excitement of discovery of a rare spice in a shop. The adrenalin rush while alive, moving scorpion on a stick is about to be deep-fried and served. An everlasting dilemma about the contents of that dish you had.

Weekend Herb Blogging #247 – The Roundup

It is my honor to present you another Weekend Herb Blogging roundup! This event was originaly created by Kalyn of Kalyn’s Kitchen and now it is successfully managed by Haalo of Cook almost Anything. Here are the entries, in order I recieved them: An epic post on wild mushrooms! Laurie Constantino, Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska....

Weekend Herb Blogging #233 – The Roundup

Weekend Herb Blogging is a weekly blogging event, originaly created by Kalyn. Now it’s handled by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything and I was the host for previous week. Here are the entries, in order I recieved them: .nobrtable br { display: none} Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska Asparagus Pistachio Pesto Taste Space Coconut Rice Pudding...