Richard Sandoval & TORO Latin GastoBar

Richard Sandoval

Across Latin America, food is more than a meal. It’s an event. It’s a celebration that’s shared, savored and enjoyed with the finest spirits. Join us in this ritual.

TORO Latin GastoBar

TORO Latin GastroBar

Saturday, Belgrade riverside, TORO Latin GastroBar, Prstohvat soli and Palachinka in a casual talk with chef Richard Sandoval, while sharing tapas…

TORO Latin GastoBar

TORO Latin GastoBar

Richard Sandoval is a name that stands for quality in a culinary world. A master of Latin cuisine that never wanted to build his empire on glory. Because he didn’t want to be a TV chef, but to cook. After all, it is enough for you to click on this link to understand the greatness of this name and be glad that of all the cities in the world he chose my Belgrade as one of the cities to open his restaurant.

TORO Latin GastoBar

Richard Sandoval is a chef that separates food into two types, good or bad. As he says, although other chefs followed trends towards molecular gastronomy, he himself was never a fan of that, so he took a step back, to his roots. His greatest influence and inspiration – his grandmas’ cooking. But today, his food is a fusion of Latin and Asian flavors. Unusual combination some might say, but completely logical to Sandoval as flavors are similar and complement each other.

TORO Latin GastoBar

As an answer to our question if he likes our Serbian food we got a smile :) And the answer we wanted to hear – of course! Since they opened a Serbian restaurant in Washington DC, a certain amount of exploring of our cuisine was necessary. Chef enjoys our food, but he admits that to him it is a bit heavy and it took him a while to become a fan. After all, Mexican food is also heavy and that’s why they have to adjust it in the USA. People just don’t eat as they used to eat 20 or 30 years ago. That’s why they try to make Serbian food a bit lighter, but still keep it’s integrity. And it seems they’re doing so far so good…

TORO Latin GastoBar

And just like the most of the foreigners that were lucky enough to immerse into the depths of Serbian cuisine, Sandoval’s favorites are kajmak and rakija. That we totally approve! :)

TORO Latin GastoBar

And TORO… TORO is a casual restaurant. A place to have fun while savoring tapas. To eat with your hands. To follow the idea of a casual meal. Maybe you decide to skip the mains. Their small plates and ceviche bar are made for sharing. And everything we had a chance to taste was just like that, and the tastes are a story for themselves… Not unusual ingredients, but so many unusual combinations!

TORO Latin GastoBar

Thank you Nina, Sandoval and TORO for enabling the creation of this post… We enjoyed sooo much!

TORO Latin GastoBar


Ana, Sandoval and me :)

The first and the last photos in the post ©Prstohvat soli.

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  • Ja u kuhinji… December 6, 2013 10:39 am

    Obožavam vaše izveštaje ovog tipa i uvek parim oči predivnim fotografijama super fine hrane :)

  • Vesna Nešić December 6, 2013 6:12 pm

    Po slikama bih rekla da je ovo klopa za mene :-)
    Izbrale ste pravi restoran i fantastično ispričale i uslikale!

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