Walter, interior

Walter is a combiantion of regular and fast food restaurant and it serves Bosnian barbecue. Besides traditional Bosnian decorations, the place is filled with photos from an old and very popular partizan movie Valter brani Sarajevo. That’s why the name – Walter. A catchy, unique and very effective combination.

To talk about Bosnian food without mentioning Turkish would be just wrong. Actually, all the Balkan cuisines were highly influenced with Turkish cuisine and in Bosnia, the influence is highest. Although originating from Turkey each of the food come with a unique Bosnian twist.

Next up is about the food we ate in Walter and here you can read Ana’s impressions (text in Serbian). And how the whole idea of the reviews came to life read in the previous review.

Little rags on milk skin

Krpice na kajmaku – literal translation is Little rags on milk skin. It’s pieces of grilled veal with lots of milk skin. Meat was excellent – juicy and soft.

Milk skin is made throughout the Balkans and is actually milk fat that separates from milk after heating. It is collected and than salted and it’s a real delicacy.

Sweetbreads, sudžuk and  ćevapi

All the other food came together on a large oval plate: sweetbreads, ćevapi and sudžuk. Sudžuk is Bosnian version of Turkish sujuk – a dry and very spicy sausage. This one was fine, although I never had the chance to have an original, only the ones made in Serbia.


To be more precise, only a half of a plate was meat. The other was diced onions. Tons of it :) Generally, throughout the Balkans, people eat lots of onions with grilled meats and products as it pairs perfect.

Sarajevski ćevap u somunu

Restaurant Walter is famous for their ćevapi. They are pure beef and made according to a secret recipe. It is actually another regional variation of Turkish kebabs and are considered a national dish in both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We eat a lot of those here and the ones in Walter were nothing special. In Sarajevo, if you eat it as a fast food you will get it inside a somun.


Somun is a type of Bosnian flatbread. Both eaten as regular bread and as a bun for the fast food. Ii is amazingly good and a must try!


I’ve never had sweetbreads before. And being an offal person, now was the perfect time to try. Before I continue, I need to say that here in Serbia there is an untrue popular thought that sweetbreads are balls and hence, most of the people avoid them. They are actually thymus, a gland, usually from veal, looking similar to the chicken liver and pink in color. It is incredibly soft and tastes heavenly. I am in love!

A few pieces were a bit raw inside, but I personally don’t have a problem with raw beef.


Deserts – Bosnian: baklava, tufahija, urmašice… Again, Turkish readers will recognize all of this. Bosnian food is very very similar to the Turkish. Ana said that baklava was good, but I’m not such a fan of it at all, so this one didn’t appeal to me too. Too much walnuts in the filling. I was looking forvard to my urmašica.


Urmašica is a date-shaped pastry drenched in a sweet syrup. This one was fine, but to me, it needed more syrup.

Walter - Sarajevski ćevap

Prices are moderate. All this plus a glass of wine and a beer was about 19 euros. What I didn’t like is the fact that one portion in a kebab place is not enough for a meal. And it should.

It is very hard for me to give a final thought on this place. We ate well. And I also remember that we went home unsatisfied, and me with a guilty conscious for suggesting the place. But, now, after some time has passed, I’d say it wasn’t bad at all and I would even recommend it.

They bought me with sweetbreads :P

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Stahinjića Bana 71
Belgrade, Serbia
Tel: +381112634839, +381640000505

Disclaimer: All the reviews on this site are a matter of personal opinion and taste and do not represent absolute truth to everyone. I don’t think that everybody should, or will agree with what I write.

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  • Eva December 20, 2011 12:24 pm

    What an unusual logo they have…the guy with the machine gun is a bit disconcerting! The food looks interesting, though.

    • Marija December 20, 2011 12:31 pm

      That guy is the main character in the movie. He fights Germans in the WW2 :) It actually makes sense if you grew up in SFRJ :)

  • Monika December 21, 2011 2:16 am

    Ambijent i detalji u samom restoranu si savršeni. A ove lepinje bih sve smazala i to same s malo kajmaka. Baš mi djeluju svježe i ukusno!

  • Eva December 21, 2011 10:49 am

    Thanks for the info Marija.

  • Tadeja December 26, 2011 8:23 am

    Fotke odlične, klopa još bolje, znate vas dvije spojiti ugodno s korisnim!
    Sretna Nova i nadolazeći blagdani tebi i tvojima i još puno mirisno-putopisnih postova! :)

  • KUHINJA March 12, 2012 5:41 am

    Nista bolje od sarajevskih cevapa. Nadam se da su pravi :)

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