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Urnebes can be found in every Serbian fast food stand. Most common thing you would eat there is a burger, but we do burgers here a bit differently. Take a look on 1st and 4th photo on this article and you’ll see. Burger is called pljeskavica and a bun is not a typical bun, but a small round loaf of bread called lepinja. When you order your pljeskavica you are asked for the spreads and seasonings of your choice (and most of the time there are a lot of choices). Urnebes is one of the smelly ones that we all crave all the time but avoid because of lots of garlic. For me that changed when I became a teenager and started going out. It would usually be summer time and very late at night, my friends and I are coming from the club hungry as wolves. Nobody cared at that point about the garlic and a memory of us devouring burgers with this spread is just warm and summery.

And the name would mean the chaotic spread. I’ve asked around a few of my good English-speaking friends just to be sure and we all agreed that although the word is not possible to translate perfectly, this translation works OK :) I don’t know why it’s called like that. Asked some of my friends and older members of family, but nobody knows. My guess is because of the spiciness, but It’s only a guess.

Never mind that. If you’re into spicy food, you’ll love it! No recipe for lepinja and pljeskavica this time, only urnebes and some pork skewers :)

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