Estonia’s First Cheese Festival


This weekend we visited Estonia’s First Cheese Festival that took place in a fansy Rotermann Quarter. All in all it was a nice event. Great location, great cheeses, a nice buzz… I’m not a cheese expert, but I love to eat it so this was kind of like being in a candy store with a lot of free samples :) The first of many others to come, I hope.

So here are some cheese photos :)

Cheese Jams

Actually, I’ll begin not with the cheese, but accompaniments. I’m not used to eating cheese with jams. Only if I get it like that in a restaurant. Something I should definitely change, because I really liked how fig jam went with Pecorino.

Wine Jellies

And wine jellies are a serious cheese accompaniment. Different, but for us used to eating cheese with wine, something that makes a lot of sense taste-wise.

Valio Forte Speciale Italian hard cheese

Estonians make good cheese. A bit more expensive than in Serbia, though. Can’t tell which is better. But what I can tell is that this Valio Forte Speciale Italian hard cheese was really really good.

Black Pepper Cheese

Valio cheese again, with black pepper, creamy and delicious. We loved the same one coated with garlic even more (of course), so we bought some.

Estonian Artisan Blue Cheese

Breti is a small producer of artisan cheeses and if I understood correctly, the only producer of blue cheeses in Estonia. If you order a local cheese platter in one of the Tallinn’s restaurants, there’s a good chance you’ll have some of Breti cheese. We bought the one called Pikantne, although the Stinky would be a better name. I’ve wrapped it into so many bags, and put into so many containers and I still think I’ll pass out when I open the fridge. At least, it tastes completely opposite to it’s smell – divine!

Marinated Cheese Salad

This is a good idea, but plastic buckets repel me. Just don’t feal like buying something that’s inside it. It’s quite easy to prepare olive oil marinated cheese at home, though. Just start with this recipe and once you get it, combine as you wish :wink:

Philadelphia Milka Spread

Star of the festival, well, at least to me, Philadelphia & Milka! Heavenly! A must try, trust me :)

Chocolate Cheese

Don’t know what came into us with this one. I mean, who buys a chocolate cheese?! OK, it works with cheesecake, but like this… I don’t think so. Guess we got carried away with the atmosphere, being hungry and the cheese being kind of cheap… There it is, still laying in the fridge. We’re saving it for the guests 8)

Update (a couple of hours later): My God it’s not a chocolate cheese, but brown Norvegian cheese. Doh! Wtf is wrong with me?! I love dulce de leche!

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