Lorenzo & Kakalamba

LK - Interior

Whereyoueatwell LORENZO and KAKALAMBA is the original space with the unique concept based on the fusion between Florence and Pirot. This impressive amateur venture of a gourmand enthusiast got it’s outcome that surely won’t leave you indifferent.

If you don’t trip up at the entrance onto one of the clumsily hidden cables, or God forbid, fall down the hole in the floor directly to the kitchen into the pot simmering delicacies, you will find your way to one of the unusual chairs and order some of divine specialties from the Florentine or Pirot cuisines.

Once you satisfy your appetite you will notice a multitude of interesting details all around – from sheep peacefully grazing on the ceiling, through the reproductions of the famous Florentine sculptures, to the fantastic paintings of Botero.

Lorenzo & Kakalamba

LK - Interior

I understand how very little is known about Belgrade food scene. Therefore, I’ve decided to shed some light on the matter and post more about Belgrade places to eat. Here, you’ll see the first in the series of honest and objective posts about Belgrade restaurants. The post and impressions are a joint work of my friend Sanja, a real foodie and an editor for Sale & Pepe magazine and your’s truly :)

It took us a while to concentrate on the menu as there’s so many thnigs around that distract and fascinate.

Of course, it was much easier to concentrate on the wine card :), so we easily begun our evening with a bottle of wine. After the toast, everything became easier, as well as navigation through an enormous menu.

We eased ourselves the choice by agreeing not to order the typical Serbian meals we are accustomed to, but to try out some new combinations. Also, we agreed to order more dishes that we’ll share (so everything you see on the plates are actually the halves of one portion), so we could get better impression about what this place has to offer.

LK - Vurda

Not long after the waiter refilled our glasses, starter arrived. It was vurda – a kind of cream cheese from the south of Serbia, with strong and soury taste with pieces of pickled yellow bell pepper, hot paprika and parsley. The bread basket was filled with 3 types of breads, all warm, wich was very nice.

LK - Antipasto

Our eyes adjusted to the fantastic colors, we relaxed and our appetizer – Lorenzo antipasto arrived.

Clockwise from the top: spicy strawberries (basicaly, it was a wild strawberries jam, with the addition, we suppose, of chilly, but nice idea anyway), cherry tomatoes on arugula, pecorino, homemade chicken liver pate bruschetta, bruschetta with tomatoes and basil, prosciutto San Daniele and baby mozzarella.

LK - Chicken Liver Pate

The strawberries were superb. Went well with everything on the plate, but there was too little of them.

Pate was so tasty and perfectly blended; texture reminded of fois gras. Tomato and basil bruschetta was bland.

LK - Interior

LK - Tagliatelle

Next up were tagliatelle with porcini and fresh sage pesto. Pasta was freshly made, pesto was nice, although it could have been more intense, and there was a lot of porcini, luckily :) Whole dish was generally fine. If you exclude the fact that there were enormous pieces of dry sage stalks :)

LK - Interior

Next dish was veal with prunes in Marsala sauce accompanied with mashed potatoes. The mash was delicious and it paired perfectly with the meat. This dish was definitely our favorite. Veal was extremely tender, prunes soft and juicy and the sauce reminded of a softer version of a demi glace. Simple, but tasty, cooked perfectly and well balanced dish.

LK - Veal With Prunes

As we waited for our next dish we figured it was probably kind of funny, the fact that two girls are eating so much. This is very unusual in Belgrade. Most of women will probably order one salad dish or pasta.

LK - Beef Tenderloin

Next up was Chef’s Beef tenderloin, aka beef tenderloin in red wine sauce with rose scented onions.

We asked for medium done meat.

LK - Beef Tenderloin

Overcooked :| What we didn’t like at the first glance was the fact that this dish came with the mashed potatoes also. Some other mash maybe, or potatoes done differently would go better, we think.

The sauce itself was very interesting. The rose scent came from, I suppose, rose water, and complemented the meat and the onions perfectly.

LK - Interior

At the point the waiter asked if we wanted a dessert, Sanja was full already, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to taste my favorite – Tulumba.

LK - Tulumba

Tulumba is my favorite dessert and the fact that this one was dry is simply unforgivable.

LK - Interior

Lorenzo & Kakalamba
Cvijićeva 110

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  • Eos April 7, 2011 10:47 am

    Have to visit, next time when I will be in Belgrade :)
    Thanks for sharing it, Maria :)

  • Jelena April 7, 2011 11:47 am

    Čula sam za restoran, a ali me ne mami takva fuzija hrane, doduše lepo je mesto da se stranci povedu za koje nisi sigurna da li će jesti našu hranu ili pre posegnuti za nečim drugim! Dekor za 5! Haljina za 5!:))

  • Firefly April 8, 2011 12:18 pm

    Yummy food! I miss Belgrade, haven’t been there in 14 years ;) That tulumba looks so good, I need to make some LOL to kick the craving now :)

  • Lana April 9, 2011 10:23 pm

    Odlicna kritika! Pozdravljam tvoju i Sanjinu ideju da predstavljate restoransku scenu Beograda. Radujem se svakom novom postu, jer sam i sama godinama odvojena od kulinarskog zivota prestonice.

  • Andrea April 11, 2011 5:58 am

    Super, super da si se odlučila na ovo. Kad planiram putovanje negdje uvijek prvo tražim preporuke restorana i kritike po blogovima, od stvarnih ljudi. :)
    Mislim da bi mi se ovaj restoran jako svido, volim eklektične prostore i volim eklektičnu kuhinju. Samo tako nastavi.

    Jako mi se sviđa što je kod vas još uvijek dozvoljeno pušenje. Mislim da bi Beograd zbilja mogao biti moja slijedeća destinacija. :)

    • marija April 11, 2011 6:05 am

      Nije ni ovde dozvoljeno pusenje, nego svi lokali imaju posebne prostorije gde je dozvoljeno ili u pola lokala sme, a u pola ne sme da se pusi :)

      Bas bi bilo lepo ako bi dosla, da se napokon i vidimo :)

  • Tadeja April 12, 2011 7:29 am

    Ehhhh, ako se ja u životu uspijem ponovo dočepati Beograda, mislim da ću se ipak odlučiti otići na neko tradicionalnije mjesto i da neću eksperimentirati, što ne znači da restoran nije interesantan i da ne mami.
    Ove fotke s dekolteom čak i meni odvlače pažnju s hrane! :)
    Odlično si nam sve predstavila!

  • natasa petrovic April 18, 2011 12:23 pm

    BIla u decembru, jednostavno odusevljena sam. Prelep ambijent i odlicna klopa. Preporucujem.

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